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Originally from South Carolina, I joined the Marines in January of 1999 and traveled around with Uncle Sam for the next 8 years. I was stationed in Arizona for most of that time, save for one year in Iraq in 2003 and one in Japan in 2004. I’ve been in the commercial & residential real estate business since 2007 and have sold a very wide range of properties in a half dozen states. I specialize in working with investment assets of any age, size or general characteristics within the multifamily and hospitality markets. In Arizona, I started and ran a team selling mobile home parks and apartment buildings in a half dozen states. From those efforts I was recruited by a large investment brokerage in Seattle and with dreams of grandeur, I moved to the big city… 18 months later it was clear that the big city wasn’t the place for me! I got very lucky and had an opportunity to move to Montana after that and have become grounded in the charm and warmth of these Montana towns. While keeping a laid-back lifestyle, demeanor, and approach to most things, I am highly mission-driven regarding real estate transactions and winning for my clients the best deals and the highest proceeds. Serving in the Marines was one of the best opportunities for growth, leadership training, and negotiation skills. This time and experience translates directly into my real estate business and to our client’s bottom line. I prospect the market tenaciously, keep explicit contact with clients regarding marketing and any feedback from the market, and I don’t stop until the work is done right!

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02/25/2020 - Barbara Howell

It is with pleasure and an honor to recommend Robert Grant as an outstanding real estate agent. As a real estate agent, I know Robert is well qualified. I have known Robert for several months. He is well-liked by her peers and highly respected by other professionals. He is devoted to doing a job or task well and has excellent work ethics and habits. I know him to be thorough and detail-oriented. He works well under pressure and has a calm positive attitude. Please accept my recommendation of Robert Grant without reservation. There is no doubt in my mind that Robert will be a valuable asset in the sale of your property.

My Service Ratings

02/25/2020 - Hugh Thomas

During our association with Robert Grant, we have found him to be an outstanding real estate agent. His attention to detail and his work ethic are unsurpassed. On first meeting Robert I found a light-heartedness and refined humor. However, in short order, I realized underpinning all of this was a highly competent and serious agent who was willing to go beyond our expectations and produce on a very high level. In the summer of 2019, my wife and I listed our Stevensville, Montana property for sale. Robert was extremely active the entire time, and our property sold at full listing price within a week. His description of the property that appeared on Zillow, Trulia,, etc., was just amazing and clearly demonstrated his unsurpassed talent for real estate sales. Before and during the closing, Robert answered most of our questions on the spot, if not, he was blazingly fast in doing the research and getting back to us. For example, when the buyer asked a question about the sewer drain field, Robert promptly produced a schematic; something I supposed he obtained from the county records. In all of the real estate my wife and I have bought and sold, I have never seen anyone more competent. In fact, I have never seen anyone even close to Robert. Based on my experience with Robert Grant, I fully recommend you employ him in your real estate endeavors.

My Service Ratings

02/25/2020 - Jeffrey and Jessica Stiner

In the small Montana world of Realtors, there exist many options. When it came time for us to buy a small piece of Montana for our growing business, and after trying several other Realtors, we found Robert Grant. Our situation required a Realtor that could move and adapt quickly since we needed a new location before winter. There are many reasons we can recommend Robert, but our number one reason is that Robert didn’t view us as just another number, or just another paycheck. It was his personal attention, and willingness to return a simple text at an odd hour. In our property search, we hired and fired several other Realtors simply because they had larger, or more important prospects, and our small needs didn’t offer enough motivation. It's really for this reason alone that we chose Robert. In the end, we also discovered a great friendship and one that will last beyond the next property purchase, but you can bet because of Robert’s efforts, he is the only Realtor we will choose in the future.

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