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What goes on in the beautiful skies above Whitefish MT Real Estate is fascinating and captivating. Have you ever seen the Northern lights? That's just the beginning. Gaze up. Our big sky makes the best stage for nature's never-ending show. Here's three of our favorite light phenomena that anyone can observe during the daytime:SundogsAlso known as mock suns, this atmospheric phenomenon typically appears as two bright spots of light to the left and right of the sun. Often, a luminous ring connects the pair of mock su... read more
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Access Glacier National Park with Kalispell Montana Real Estate

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Some 170 million years ago, the soaring mountains that define Glacier Park were formed when enormous bands of limestone wrinkled under the pressure of Earth’s ancient plates. A flash of geological time later, miles of glaciers crept down from the north. They eased their way down the deep valleys, buffering and smoothing some slopes while leaving the peaks jagged and raw. Today, the park’s northern edge bumps up against the Canadian border, meeting Waterton Lakes National Park to create the world’s first Internation... read more
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Historic PureWest Bozeman Property featured in New York Times

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Bozeman's finest iconic mansion, currently on the market with PureWest, just found its way into the real estate e-pages of the New York Times! Featured in the regular "What You Get" column, this historic home on Willson Avenue was highlighted alongside Connecticut and Minnesota properties, each worth roughly $1.7 million. Maybe we're biased, but we think the Bozeman property is the best of the lot."This house is in the Bon Ton Historic District, a neighborhood of stately older homes south of downtown Bozeman, and i... read more
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Powder Magazine loves Whitefish, Montana! It's no secret why — Whitefish is home to the best skiing in Northwest Montana. This charming town's local ski resort, Whitefish Mountain Resort, is known far and wide for its tree skiing and soulful atmosphere. Want to be a local here? With PureWest Whitefish real estate for sale, you can call Whitefish your home hill.Powder Productions, the magazine's in-house film company, took a trip to our corner of the big sky to enjoy the bottomless powder that fell late this Februar... read more
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Though the ski area is now called Whitefish Mountain Resort, the snow-capped peak overlooking Whitefish property has been always been known, simply and fittingly, as Big Mountain. Long ago, two of its first skiers, Lloyd “Mully” Muldown and Ole Dalen, donned leather and wool instead of Gore-Tex to ski, but they appreciated Big Mountain for everything locals love today.While the resort offers terrain fit for any kind of skier, it’s best known for tree skiing. There’s nothing like bobbing through hillsides of trees b... read more
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