Dean Lihou

Real Estate Agent | Realtor®
Office: (406) 862-4900
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Dean Lihou was born and raised into the business of real estate by parents who were both Realtors® in Southern California. From them he quickly began to appreciate and absorb the skills and stories of their combined experience.

By the age of 20, Dean was licensed and working in the industry part-time and further learning the subtleties of being a good Realtor®. Attending college at CSULB, he joined the debate team and quickly recognized his proficiency with the persuasive volley of interesting debate, a skill that has since served him well in countless transactions.

Though what really sets Dean apart is his ability to interact and connect with people on a personal level. His empathy and understanding in difficult situations - and a competence in closing deals with an acute understanding of his client’s needs - is unparalleled. For Dean, the job is never just about buying and selling houses. Whether it be first time buyers or last time sellers, Dean navigates the complexities of real estate with a constant thought for the client's best interest.

This often-underestimated empathetic approach has made him an award-winning Hall of Fame agent who consistently performs at the top of his company and keeps him busy from the high level of repeat and referral business he receives.

If you are looking for a Realtor® who will understand and surpass your expectations, contact Dean Lihou at 406-407-1343.