Missoula, named among the Best Towns in America by Outside Magazine, is Northwest Montana's biggest city. Once the bottom of an ancient glacial lake, the flat and walkable land is surrounded by steep hills on all sides. These mountains and the Clark Fork River, which bisects the town, are full of opportunities for recreation—there's fishing, paddle boarding, kayaking, and even surfing on the river. Just outside of town is the Montana Snowbowl, and Missoula is centrally enough, making the northern and southern skiing centers of Whitefish and Bozeman easily accessible. Missoula real estate offers a mix of small-city culture and community. A regional destination for shopping and dining, it draws people from all around the state and beyond. There are three distinct shopping districts, and enough restaurants, cafes, and breweries to keep any foodie entertained. Bumper stickers that read “Keep Missoula Weird,” reflect the pride and eclectic culture here, which is expressed during all sorts of community gatherings, events, and festivals. Rich in the arts, Missoula offers local and world-class theatre, film festivals, ballet, and opera. Missoula is also home to the University of Montana, which has a strong athletic program that gives Missoulians good reason to cheer. This city is young and forward thinking, a center of technology, music, and modern culture.

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