Montana is defined by a quiet and intimate connection to nature. Whether you are searching for a slice of heaven at the end of a long dirt road, a ranch with wide open spaces and streams that thread through golden fields, or an endless view overlooking a sparkling lake with mountains in the distance, we will find your piece of Montana's lush and fertile land.

Land defines Montana living. Whether it's rugged and mountainous or wide and open-ended, the land nourishes our spirits. We take cues from its beauty, by slowing down to appreciate the natural splendor. And so our pace of life is different here, all thanks to the land we walk on, and the skies that stretch far above us. With nearly 150,000 square miles of space in Montana, there's enough to go around. PureWest agents have land for sale across the entire state. Let us help you find your little (or big) slice of heaven.

The land for sale in Montana can fit any need, whether that's a secluded, secret place amid an old growth forest or a sprawling ranch on endless acreage. Whether you're looking for land to work to land for leisure, there's Montana land for you. There's land for sale up and down the rugged Western spine, which is ribbed with mountain ranges and dotted with glacial lakes. There's land for sale in the east, where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play. There's land for sale near our major cities, be it Missoula or Bozeman, Helena or Billings. The only question is whether you're ready to reach down and feel the soft Montana soil.

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