Lakes, streams and rivers are one of the greatest assests the state of Montana has. Northwest Montana has such wonderful areas as Bigfork, Seeley Lake, Whitefish, the Flathead river and, of course, the Flathead Lake. Southwestern Montana has some of the nation's finest fishing rivers and streams, and areas throughout the rest of western Montana offering incredible waterfront locations up and down the state.

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The lake is calm. The river rushes. Waves lap the banks. Stick your toe in - are the glacial waters warm? Clean and clear, Montana water is unlike anything else. Streams, rivers, ponds, and lakes are some of our state’s greatest assets. Waterfront property will put you right there, in view of sparkling currents and with access to some of the best blue-ribbon fishing in the West.

The Northwest is home to major waterways including the Kootenay River, which winds south from British Columbia, and the Flathead, which unfurls in three ribbons, curling through and around Glacier National Park. There’s also Whitefish Lake, and Flathead Lake, which is the largest freshwater lake west of the Mississippi. Quiet, scenic sights define waterfront property in Northwest Montana.

Healthy and home to diverse ecosystems, Montana’s finest fishing rivers flow for miles, wild in some stretches and floating gently in others. Take your pick: there’s the Clark Fork, Bitterroot, and Blackfoot Rivers, and, further to the south, the Madison, Missouri and Yellowstone Rivers. Seventeen regulated species of game fish swim these waters, including pike, bass, walleye, and seven species of trout. The best fishing of your life is ahead. And with waterfront property, the path between your favorite fishing spot and the dinner table is but a short walk.

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